Simple and Easy

Take a car for rent as easy as send a message.

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    A clean and friendly user interface

    Our welcoming UI helps prevent mismanagement and offers a seamless user experience.

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    Begin Immediately

    Creating an accaount takes less than a minute. Your time is valuable. Verification time less than 5 minutes

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    Unparalleled Low Price

    NimbleGo does away with expensive price, allowing you to pay just for time.

10,000,000 HARDCAP (USD)
200,000 SOFTCAP (USD)
Q2 2020

Publish whitepaper and first Roadmap, develop design for application and find our competitors.

Q4 2020

Buy first car and start to develop application and other connection with car and our customer, solve all legal issue, PoloniexDEX listing.

Q4 2020

Order cars and complete stage with developing app, charging infrastructure, law issue, connection with local goverment e.t.c.

Q1 2021

Make listiong on and make an IEO thought their exchange, conversation with TESLA about bulk order e.t.c.

Q2 2021

Complete all issue that we had, listing on top crypto exchange like Binance, Okex, Bitfinex...

Q3 2021

Receiving first revenue, Roadmap 2.0, token update and something interesting.

Rodion Nimble
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Rodion is a CEO of the NimbleGo car-sharing company.

Atul Rai
Mobile App Development & Web Development

Atul is tech consultant involved in providing IT services and solutions to innovative startups and enterprises.

Aman Jha
SEO Specialist & Content Marketing

Aman Jha is a Content Marketing and SEO specialist.

Marco Bragalini
Financial Advisor

Marco is our Financial Advisor that has experience in Finance and Investments

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Below we’ve provided a bit information about ICO, IEO, Token, Crypto Currencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email, chat or telegram.

What is NimbleGO?

NimbleGo - is unique car-sharing service; that provide easy car rental with blockchain and electric cars for tourists at any time.

During the ICO you could use only TRON because we used Tronscan for our ICO. During IEO it will be possible to use more coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

We will provide instruction as fast as posible.

We will spend up to 10% of monthly income for buying tokens back and that's why price will be increase every month.